Washington Authorities The Authorities will not apologize for the style. They didn't have to look pretty, they simply had to win. What's more, that is all they did.

Whether this success over the Bears gets their season pointed in the correct heading is not yet clear. 

There's a lot of work that remaining parts after this triumph. They commit such a large number of punishments - - 

27 of every three games. They don't score many focuses - - 47 in the beyond four games.

In any case, for the present, it permits the Administrators (2-4) to breathe out 

losing four successive games. For an establishment that consistently appears to bring another round of issues, winning gives a fundamental ointment.

Once more significant play: Halfway through the final quarter, Washington drop-kicked subsequent to neglecting to change over on third down. 

However, it ended up being a helpful move.